Who We Are


We envision a transformed and flourished life of every vulnerable and needy child who contributes positively in the society.


We are committed to dignity, development and welfare of all children by providing a protective, healthy and friendly environment for holistic development to realize their latent potentials


Provision of quality humanitarian programs and basic services to vulnerable children and adults.


  • Increase access to quality primary health care services to the conflict affected populations
  • Provide a basic and protective emergency education environment for children
  • Maximize quality treatment for severe, moderate acute malnutrition and other nutritional needs to pregnant & lactating women and children among IDPs and host communities
  • Alleviate acute food insecurity among the most vulnerable populations
  • Provision of quality child & gender prevention services to the emergency affected boys & girls, women & men
  • To improve access to clean water in emergency affected schools among the IDPs and host communities
  • Strengthen the local leadership and structures in peace building and conflict mitigation

Core Values

  • Transparency

    We operate in such a way that is open and easy for others to see what actions we are doing.

  • Neutrality

    We believe in neutral stand not to side in any conflict, political affiliations and sectarian matters, we are independent of any bias, putting emphasis on the process rather than the outcome so as to deliver humanitarian needed programs in the community.

  • Empathy

    We have capacity to understand what another person experiences from within and outside; we place ourselves in the shoes of children and other vulnerable groups.

  • Integrity

    We believe in honesty and having strong moral uprightness and principles as the best personal choices to uphold consistently ethical standards throughout our work with needy children in their communities.

  • Partnership

    Imperatively, we believe in cooperation and partnerships with counterparts to advance the interests of local communities and meet their expectations and needs. This will increase strong likelihood of achieving the long term goals and short term objectives set forth.

  • Accountability

    We believe in answerability to the stakeholders, which is the acknowledgment and assumption of responsibility for actions, services, decisions and implementation within the scope of the role and encompassing the obligation to report, explain and be answerable for resulting consequences.